Super Smash Bros. Melee professional player Allan Smith has retired, citing an ongoing injury to his left thumb as the main reason for his departure. Kim was ranked the 82th best Melee player in the world last year in the annual Top 100 Players list done by website Melee It On Me.

In other news

French Dota 2 team Oryan has been fined €10,000 ($10,706) by Mass Games for not complying with employment law and its requirements as outlined by the Dota 2 Championship Series ruleset, MAss announced Tuesday. MAss claims the team failed to properly employ its head coach and substitute players, not abiding by tax, healthcare, and social security withholding requirements in Germany, where the league is based.

WE imagine that this is a surprising statement for esports fans and even industry insiders, but it shouldn’t be. When esports is painted with one broad brush, a problem with a single game becomes an issue for us all. The difficulty in winning an esports award can be a scary thought.